Passenger Processing Systems

Extended Airline System Environment (EASE)

The Amadeus EASE™ (Extended Airline System Environment) is a virtualized shared use passenger processing technology solution that enables airlines to deliver a consistent, optimized gate and boarding experience to their customers while delivering complete airline native business process functionality.

The EASE™ solution delivers optimized airport terminal flexibility by enabling ‘any airline, any position, anytime’ passenger processing capabilities. The EASE™ advanced technology platform is built on an ‘open’ architecture, allowing for seamless integration with additional Amadeus technology as well as that of any third party system provider.

When integrated with an airport’s operational systems, the airport can provide seamless interoperability into the airline operational environment making shared use more transparent.

Local Departure Control System (LDCS)

Local Departure Control Systems are a necessary element in today’s airport passenger processing strategy. The advent of low-cost start up airlines and regularly scheduled charters mandates the need for an efficient cost effective local departure control system strategy.

LDCS by Amadeus is a straight-forward, feature rich solution that allows airline operations without proprietary departure control systems to deliver first-rate passenger and baggage handling by alleviating the need to manually process passengers and baggage.

Airport Benefits Include:

  • Improve passenger service by delivering a “true” airline check-in experience.
  • Reduces facility congestion by allowing quicker passenger and baggage processing.
  • Enhances the airport’s return on existing passenger processing facilities.
  • A valuable addition to the airport’s “common use” architecture.
  • Easy RFID implementation & integration as IBMR is RFID-ready.

Additional Departure Control Solutions

Amadeus’s industry-leading Altéa Departure Control System enables airlines and ground handlers to efficiently manage passenger processing and aircraft operations for multiple airlines. With both agent and self-service solutions, check-in, baggage processing, load control and special services can be handled quickly and seamlessly, according to airline-specific rules, providing passengers with a transparent customer service. With accurate data shared in real-time, aircraft management can be performed remotely or on mobile devices using Amadeus flight management software.

Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control – Flight Management

Enables ground handlers to ensure efficient flight departures and optimize the weight and balance process of all handled flights.

Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control – Customer Management

The ultimate departure control system (DCS) designed for ground handlers to provide efficient departure control services.

Baggage Management & Reconciliation System (BMRS)

The Amadeus Baggage Management and Reconciliation System (BMRS) offers an optimized baggage handling process which facilitates the reliable and efficient control of baggage flow, minimizing transfer times and ensuring the most efficient and effective utilization of check-in resources.

Wireless communication and the inclusion of passenger boarding data are some of the additional options that can be included in the Amadeus BMRS.

Intelligent Kiosk Systems (IKS)

Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks meet the latest industry standards of e-ticketing, 2D BCBP (barcoded boarding passes), and the need for APIS information (advanced passenger information systems), using full page passport readers for international travel.

CUSS kiosks are compact in size yet provide high quality and high performance features. Its modular design and sleek profile allow either counter-top or standalone installations in space restricted check-in areas. Powered by a state-of-the-art Dual Core processor and industrial PC board, the CUSS kiosk includes the latest technology advancements in self-service kiosk design. The base design includes a 17 in high resolution flat screen equipped with a highly viewable, wide angle Surface Acoustic Wave touchscreen.

The kiosks also equipped with a manual, hybrid magnetic and smart card reader as well as a robust, wide format, 300-dpi thermal printer with paper stock of 2,500 coupons per roll.