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AirIT: Comprehensive Solutions To Optimize Revenue Generation

CIO Review selects Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT) for 20 Most Promising VMware Solution Providers

December/2014, CIO Review Magazine – Click here for original article webpage

PDF: CIO Review Profile

Over the past several years, airlines globally have been consolidating at a rapid rate. This transition has found airports needing to optimize infrastructure and reduce costs to adapt to this evolving model. To drive down operational costs and increase revenue generating opportunities, airports have to better utilize their terminal facilities and be equipped with innovative airport business IT solutions. “Our diversified products and services offer a full complement of operational, passenger processing, and business management systems which ensure that airports and airlines are converging at one point where they can co-exist efficiently and profitably in the same eco system,” explains Betros Wakim, CEO and CTO, Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT)

Every airport has at its heart, multiple business models driving its revenue generation infrastructure. Utilized by more than 30 of the top 50 busiest airports in North America, AirIT’s advanced business system platform, PROPworks® Property and Revenue Management System, is a comprehensive aviation-specific software solution and powerful billing engine designed to manage tenant, property, and revenue-related information.

AirIT has recently launched a mobile platform to compelement its airport property and revenue management, operational, and passenger processing software solutions. Additionally, AirIT’s introduction of its AirBeacon technology allows airports to deliver targeted sales opportunities to passengers choosing to receive them; the AirBeacon solution’s location mapping helps passengers easily navigate airport facilities.

Another segment-leading technology solution from AirIT, the Video Analytics Management System (VAMS) is an airport operational and safety system that simulates an out-of-the-window view of geographically dispersed movement and non-movement areas including runways, taxiways, aprons, de-icing pads, and aircraft parking areas.

AirIT has transitioned into an environment allowing total platfrom virtualization through a partnership with industry leader, VMWare. “This partnership has enabled the move from local workstations to a fully remote hosted environment, which is essential for efficient utilization of resources in our environment. It enables crucial functionalities and cost reduction which are cornerstones of profitable, efficient operations for airlines and airports alike,” states Wakim.

Wakim describes an implementation highlight on how airports can solve business issues and satisfy key stakeholder’s needs by leveraging contemporary technology to do more with less. When Fresno-Yosemite International Airport (FAT) looked to modernize their facility and optimize functionality within the existing terminal footprint, a primary challenge was in keeping all airlines operational while performing the renovation. “The shared use infrastructure technology enabled the retrofitting to be carried out in a step-by-step process where they were able to share the resources, ultimately stabilizing costs,” states Wakim

The air-transport community is the central focus at AirIT. “Our interactions with clients allow us to gather the collective intelligence and devise solutions to eliminate the complex problems the industry faces. We use this strategy as the roadmap for our company,” says Wakim. He relates the differentiators at AirIT to be their products, people, and a successful, flexible business model. “Our culture of accountability encourages our employees to do the right things on time. On the product development side, we introduced virtualization into our industry leading to innovative products like our passenger processing and mobile platforms, which provides accessibility to all the functionalities in our product suite,” says Wakim.

AirIT is currently ramping up their latest technological innovation, the airport intelligence platform. With this solution, AirIT is adding the next layer—the e-commerce layer to its data and mobile platforms, where airlines and airports can ascertain the location and needs of the customer upon arrival. “In this ecosystem, we go back to the point of convergence, where the airline, the airport, and the passengers come together. Our airport intelligence platform helps to disseminate data to all stakeholders and provides the highest levels of efficiency and customer service,” concludes Wakim.

AirIT CEO, Betros Wakim

AirIT CEO, Betros Wakim