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Remote Control

Reality today is a world wherein much is done at a distance, whether it’s communications or logistics. The aviation sector is no different – and the march of technology has enabled it to adopt some truly innovative solutions, such as AirIT’s Virtual Airfield Management System (VAMS).

May/June Issue, 2014, Ramp Equipment News magazine, By Alwyn Brice

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Being the first recipient of any new technology can be something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there’s an element of being the guinea pig whilst on the other, there’s the feeling that the benefits that such a development will bring to the operation are going to far outweigh any initial teething troubles. The concept of a remote airfield management system is not exactly new.

Airfields rely on control towers for their overview of the airport operation, and inside the control towers of major airports you’ll find wall-mounted screens displaying real time radar technology information to make this task more straightforward.  That said, covering an entire airfield takes some forethought, investment and an understanding of the topography if a complete vista is to be the end product.