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AirIT To Provide Shared Use Passenger Processing and Intelligent Display System Technology At GSP

The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District has chosen AirIT to deliver its virtualized shared use passenger processing system with their dynamic integrated visual display solution to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).

June 5, 2014, Orlando, FL – As part of a four-year terminal renovation and expansion project at GSP, airlines will be temporarily relocated to a newly-constructed wing of the terminal during construction on the building’s core. The District has chosen to adopt AirIT’s EASE™ advanced platform for passenger processing for all air carriers during this transitory period in order to efficiently and effectively facilitate the relocation process.

AirIT’s shared use passenger processing infrastructure platform is uniquely positioned to deliver the best overall value for ‘future-proofing’ GSP’s any airline, any position passenger processing needs. EASE™ utilizes contemporary desktop virtualization technology to securely deliver the native system functionality airline partners prefer. Furthermore, AirIT’s EASE™ solution does not impose any of the costly airline application development and certification requirements associated with the older legacy common use application platforms.

“AirIT is very pleased to work with the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District to implement the most contemporary passenger processing platform technology available today to compliment the terminal modernization efforts underway at GSP,” remarks Chris Keller, AirIT President and COO. “Shared use technology will provide GSP’s terminal facility with the optimized operational flexibility required during the modernization project, and well into the future.”

“This new partnership with AirIT will help position GSP to grow strategically and continue our mission to be one of the most efficient and user friendly airports in the world,” said Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District President and CEO, Dave Edwards.

Since the initial development of EASE™, AirIT’s shared use technology has helped more than two dozen North American airports address a variety of business needs by providing a shared infrastructure platform that addresses diverse challenges while delivering a replicable model for capitalizing on air service retention and development opportunities, without significant bricks and mortar investments that negatively impact airline rates and charges.

About AirIT

AirIT is an information technology firm based in Orlando, FL. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions enable airports and airlines to better utilize and manage resources, enhance the passenger experience, reduce costs, and optimize revenue generation. Our airport operational, passenger processing, and revenue management platforms deliver enterprise-class business intelligence solutions and are the most innovative in the air transport marketplace. AirIT solutions are operational in 30 of the top 50 airports in North America, and as a testament to their scalability, these solutions are at home in another 100 airports and at 60 airlines worldwide. For more information, please visit: