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OAK Chooses AirIT’s Passenger Processing Technology

January 8, 2014 – Oakland International Airport Has Chosen AirIT’s EASE™ Advanced Platform For Passenger Processing Technology To Replace The Airport’s Existing ARINC iMUSE System.

AirIT announces the execution of a contract to deliver AirIT’s advanced platform to operate its EASE™ shared use passenger processing system technology at Oakland International Airport.

AirIT’s Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™) represents the next generation in airport passenger processing technology, allowing airline carriers to operate in their own native system environment while delivering cost savings and enhanced operational flexibility to the airport operator. AirIT’s EASE™ is a dynamic passenger processing solution that allows any equipped ticket counter or gate workstation to be used by any airline.

The Port of Oakland sought proposals from qualified consultants in an effort to transition from Oakland International Airport’s existing iMUSE common use system to the implementation of a new-generation shared use system that can be installed on the airport’s VMWARE platform. AirIT’s EASE™ will support the processing of passengers for ten (10) airline partners at OAK, all of which unanimously chose the EASE™ virtualized technology platform as the airline-preferred solution.

“EASE™ has consistently demonstrated the ability to support airline proprietary environments by leveraging airport network infrastructure,” comments AirIT CEO, Betros Wakim. “The fact that all airline carriers at OAK preferred the EASE™ solution over the competition is another testament to the value of AirIT virtualized technology delivery. We are very excited to provide the next-generation passenger processing technology the Port of Oakland was looking for to dramatically gain operational efficiencies while containing costs and providing a better passenger experience.”

“We look forward to working with AirIT and integrating its EASE™ platform into the OAK environment,” said Port of Oakland Aviation Director Deborah Ale Flint.  “Providing our carriers the most effective tool for passenger processing is critical to maintaining the convenience and efficiency that makes OAK the ‘Best Way to San Francisco Bay,’ and we expect AirIT will be an important partner in that effort.”

AirIT’s EASE™ platform can be implemented at any airport, regardless of size, at a cost far below that of traditional common use systems, which are based on proprietary software and limited to using only the operating systems, computers, and peripherals approved by the system vendor. EASE™ is currently operational at 31 airports in North America.