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Business Intelligence Reporting At MIA

AirIT Business Intelligence (BI) powered by Jaspersoft has become an important tool in data management and analytics at airports.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

For decision-making and compliance reporting, AirIT customers need to dig into the wealth of data they collect from disparate sources to determine performance indicators such as revenue per passenger, energy consumption per cost center, employee accidents, etc. And while many reporting needs are common across the industry, in reality, each customer has a unique way of doing business. As such, every customer has certain metrics that are completely outside the box.

That’s why AirIT Business Intelligence (BI) powered by Jaspersoft has become an important tool in any AirIT solution. Customers no longer depend on consulting or development teams to develop reports. Thanks to metadata layers preconfigured for AirIT’s PROPworks® Revenue Management System and AirIT’s Airport Operations Database (AODB), customers can create their own reports in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Whether the customer wants to use simple table reports, crosstabs, charts or other types of graphical widgets, important metrics for any one customers can be mashed together easily to create site-specific Dashboards. With AirIT Business Intelligence, AirIT is truly empowering users by enabling business intelligence at their fingertips.

Business Intelligence At MIA

Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) will receive AirIT’s Business Intelligence offering as part of their systems upgrades taking place this year. Currently, MDAD relies upon numerous custom reports for their information reporting needs. As custom reports are typically not a part of an off the shelf application product, they are costly to maintain and must be updated whenever applications are updated.

The likelihood of missing items and bad conversions is very high. With the use of Business Intelligence, this time and expense of maintenance and risk goes away. Business Intelligence looks at historical data to provide information for analysis. In the case of MDAD, this covers everything from airline statistics, insurance compliance, and concession performance. For airline statistics, data can be mined to illustrate monthly summaries such as passengers by concourse, mail and freight, and flight operations. These summaries can then be used for month by year comparisons for planning whether that is more efficient use of property or improved placement of concessions. Concession performance, such as sales summaries by concourse or other location breakdowns, can show opportunities for maximizing revenue in various locations around the airport.