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Jaspersoft Helps AirIT Run The World’s Airports

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JasperReports Server Powers PROPworks® Business Intelligence Software At Airports

Jaspersoft/AirIT Case Study

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Wealth of Data, Disparate Sources

Approximately 5.5 million flights come in and out of Los Angeles World Airports (LAX) each month. To manage and report on the many aspects of operations, the airport – and 100 other airports and 60 airlines – relies on software from Air-Transport Services Inc. (AirIT).

With AirIT, air transportation organizations manage their operations, passenger processing and business system needs. For decision-making and compliance reporting, they need to dig into the wealth of data they collect, from revenue per passenger to energy use to employee accidents, and much more.

Yet, the volume of data, quality of data and number of sources can make it a challenge to put a finger on the numbers they need.

Simplifying BI for AirIT, Customers

AirIT software includes built-in business intelligence to help clients measure the many different aspects of their businesses. Reporting needs vary with every customer.

“While some reporting needs are common across airports, in reality, each airport has a unique way of doing business. All have certain metrics that are completely outside the box,” said Daniel F. Negrón, Product Delivery Manager, Business Systems.

The company’s previous integrated reporting solution demanded in-house development resources for AirIT to deliver the necessary custom reports.

“We wanted to get away from writing custom reports at every customer site,” Negrón said.

AirIT searched the market for a new integrated business intelligence solution to ease reporting for developers and customers. JasperReports Server provided powerful BI in an easy to integrate and use solution:

Java-based open source – The organization is embracing open source for its entire development environment and shifting its technology platform

from Oracle to Java.

Scalable – Jaspersoft meets the needs of all AirIT’s clients, from the smallest airports to some of the world’s largest.

Ease of integration – Jaspersoft APIs simplify integration with AirIT software.

Web-based, friendly user interface – The web interface empowers non-developers at both AirIT and client companies to create reports.

Analytics with charts and crosstabs – The browser-based design tool also helps less technical users create tables, charts or crosstab style reports.

Multiple data sources – JasperReports Server handles multiple data sources and high volumes.

For initial deployment, Jaspersoft Professional Services assisted the Business Systems group at AirIT in creating standard reports for AirIT’s PROPworks® Business Intelligence. “We did some very intelligent stuff with the smart people over at Jaspersoft Pro Services,” Negrón said.

Jaspersoft now powers PROPworks Business Intelligence, enabling AirIT customers to build ad hoc reports within the solution. PROPworks comes with more than 100 standard reports, such as aircraft landings, aircraft weight, passengers, and revenue per square foot and passenger.

Most customers require monthly reporting, and either schedule those specific reports or create them as needed in the formats they choose.

Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

To meet the additional AirIT customer standard requirement of 30-40 ad hoc repots Typically, each AirIT customer requires another 30-40 ad hoc reports to meet its specific needs. With JasperReports Server, AirIT has completely changed the ad hoc report process. No longer do AirIT developers need to go onsite to scope and create reports for customers. Non-developers in the AirIT Business Systems team, or customers, build reports.

“We have customers that are creating ad hoc reports on their own, and they’ve developed some of the best solutions I’ve seen out there,” Negrón said.

The crosstab capability allows them to visualize data in charts or graphs so it’s easier to interpret. They can create custom fields, pick columns for grouping and sorting, change formatting, add summaries or change the theme of the report.

At the Port of Seattle, both an airport and seaport, a little training from AirIT on ad hoc reporting went a long way. “We never envisioned all the wonderful stuff they would do. They’ve created hundreds of reports, as well as a dashboard, on their own,” Negrón said.

Reports in Minutes or Hours vs. Days

The move to JasperReports Server benefits both AirIT and its customers. The switch to an open source, Java-based application allows customers to break free from licensed and proprietary products, reducing costs by about $20,000 to $30,000 for each customer. PROPworks Business Intelligence is included at no additional charge with their PROPworks license.

Before, Negrón had to call on the AirIT development team to create reports for each customer implementation. Now, it’s easy enough for customers or AirIT’s Business Systems group to do so.

With self-service reporting, customers reduce costs. And whether AirIT’s Business Systems group or customers themselves create reports, customers get reports faster – in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks as before.

“We have a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We are really empowering end users with business intelligence at their fingertips,” Negrón said.

When customers do require assistance from AirIT, it’s a much simpler request. Since adding Jaspersoft, demand for reports has grown but AirIT uses less expensive resources to meet customers’ needs. The development team now focuses on the core product.

“All our clients have unique requirements and different needs,” Negrón said. “That’s where JasperReports Server is a great tool. I no longer depend on my development team for custom reporting. Customers can create their own reports, or we can develop reports with an intern-level person rather than a full-time developer, saving tens of thousands of dollars,” Negrón said.





Technology snapshot – AirIT customers

  •  JasperReports Server
  • Typically Windows Server operating system
  • Embedded Tomcat or JBoss 5 application server
  • Embedded Postgres, SQL Server or Oracle database
  • Out-of-the-box security with JasperReports Server, with one client using Active Directory
  • Java API using SOAP (Migrating to REST)
  • Airports can use JasperReports Server in a multi-tenant fashion, as needed


The volume of data, quality of data and number of sources can make it a challenge to put a finger on the numbers airports and airlines need.


Jaspersoft now powers AirIT’s PROPworks® Business Intelligence software, giving customers a much easier way to get business intelligence on their data.


  • With self-service reporting, customers reduce costs by not having to engage outside resources.
  • AirIT’s Business Systems group or customers create reports in minutes or hours – instead of days or weeks as before.
  • AirIT uses less expensive resources to meet customers’ needs. With an intern-level person rather than a full-time developer, AirIT saves tens of thousands of dollars
  • The switch to an open source, Java-based application allows customers to move from licensed and proprietary products, reducing costs by about $20,000 to $30,000 for each